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  • Five Ways to be an Everyday Hero!

    By Brendan Carr on Tuesday, May 10, 2016

    FIVEwaysHero.jpg -

    ​Teacher Appreciation Day, Mother’s Day, Nurses Week and Memorial Day all occur in May. No wonder The Dansko Blog is celebrating heroes all month long! Our first post of the month presents five ways that everyone can be a hero!

    Did you know that you can be a hero? No, not the caped kind that’s currently cavorting around every movie screen. Although those characters are fun to watch, most of us aren’t going to help humanity with our super-strength or flying prowess. But we can make a difference in the world through small acts of kindness. Below you’ll find five ways to be an Everyday Hero!

    • Five Ways to be an Everyday Hero! -

      ​Pick Up the Tab

      On your next visit to a local coffee shop, brighten a fellow customer’s day by paying for their order. Simple in execution, this is one of the most effective ways to bring a smile to a stranger’s face and spread a sense of goodwill. Try it next time you’re in line. Don’t be surprised to see other folks following your examp

    • Five Ways to be an Everyday Hero! -

      ​Give Old Books a Second Life

      The upside to being an avid reader: finding yourself totally engrossed by a good story. The downside: storing all those books. Rather than lying dormant on a shelf, those literary adventures should be shared with others. Donating used books to your local library helps build the community’s collection and/or raises funds for additional library programs via book fairs.

    • Five Ways to be an Everyday Hero! -

      ​Surprise Greetings

      Busy schedules often make it difficult to spend time with or call an old friend. When you can’t be there physically, do the next best thing: send surprise greetings. Don’t wait for birthdays or special occasions. Buy a blank greeting card, take a few minutes out of the day to write a brief message and then mail it. This simple act lets friends know that they’re always in your thoughts.

    • Five Ways to be an Everyday Hero! -

      ​Save It for a Rainy Day

      No matter the season, surprise rain showers often catch many folks off guard. Spare unprepared coworkers or clients from the plights of soaked clothes and squishy shoes by keeping several spare umbrellas in the workplace. Next time an unsuspecting storm brews, your preparedness will save their day (and their outfit).

    • Five Ways to be an Everyday Hero! -

      ​Fill in the Blanks

      Children often leave classrooms with something other than homework; cold-causing germs. Unfortunately, many schools are in short supply of the necessary bacteria-fighting tools such as disinfectant wipes and facial tissues. Help keep students and teachers healthy by donating these much-needed supplies to a local school. 


      These are just a few of the many ways we can all be everyday heroes. Each and every day, there are millions of people are making a difference through their kind deeds – and we want to hear from them. Use #DanskoHeroes to share your stories of everyday heroics!

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  • The Tale of a Clog That Was Lost in the Bog!

    By Brendan Carr on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

    bog.jpg -

    ​We’re celebrating sharing and giving back all month long at The Dansko Blog. You’ve heard from us on these subjects – now it’s time for a Dansko fan to tell her unique tale of kindness. 


    ​Every day we receive emails, Facebook posts, Tweets, and phone calls from loyal Dansko fans. Most of these messages are favorable product reviews, shout outs to our shoes or requests to bring back favorite styles from past seasons. A few weeks ago, we received a different kind of email from devoted Dansko fan Alison H. Her heartwarming story really struck a chord with us:

    “On June 1, my beloved Dansko clog lost his mate. It was a drizzly day and I was wearing my clogs despite being the summer. I was driving home and came across an accident involving an over-turned car. I was the second person to stop. As the other person and I approached the vehicle, we quickly sunk in the swampy grass. We both lost our shoes as we raced to help the trapped girl from the car. Fortunately, the girl came away with minor bruises and cuts. However, when I attempted to return to my car, I was unable to free both my beloved clogs from the mud. I only had one clog left. It is funny, every time I pass the scene of the accident on my daily commute, I always frown and think, “Somewhere in the marshy ground is my Dansko clog. Future archaeologists may stumble across it years from now and wonder how the heck that clog got there!”

    As Alison’s story was shared throughout Dansko headquarters, it sparked the same reaction: “We have to share this story with all Dansko fans – and we have to get Alison a new pair of clogs!”

    Here’s to Alison, a true Dansko fan who understands the importance of sharing, caring and sacrifice for the greater good. May others follow her example – and may she enjoy her new clogs!

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  • Seven Great Last Minute Gifts from Brands That Give Back

    By Brendan Carr on Friday, December 18, 2015

    greatGifts-01.jpg -

    ​​We’re celebrating sharing and giving back all month long at The Dansko Blog. Holiday gift giving is a wonderful way to show family and friends that you care. But finding the right gift can be tricky. Since there are just a few shopping days left, we put together a list of great ideas from our B Corps friends who specialize in giving back and using business as a force for good.

    • Seven Great Last Minute Gifts from Brands That Give Back  -

      ​Eat Chocolate – Save Lives

      Do you have a family member that love animals as much as they love chocolate? If so, Rescue Chocolate covers both bases. For every chocolate sold, Rescue Chocolate donates 100% of their net profits to animal rescue units throughout the U.S.  Their delicious Foster-iffic Peppermint bars are perfect for this time of the year!

    • Seven Great Last Minute Gifts from Brands That Give Back  -

      ​A Great Gift for Moms-To-Be

      If there is an expecting mother on your gift list then a Nuturing Life Gift Box from Motherlove® is just what you – and she needs! Much like Dansko’s origin story, Motherlove was founded on a passion to share something good with everyone. They offer certified organic herbal products for pregnancy and breastfeeding, and grow some of their own herbs on a 120-acre farm in the Colorado Rockies. Motherlove is committed to offering safe and effective products to moms in over 40 countries.

    • Seven Great Last Minute Gifts from Brands That Give Back  -

      ​Treat Your Pets

      Don’t forget to get your furry family members something special for the holidays. West Paw Design® offers an array of great toys and accessories. We’re partial to the Tiny Tuff Reindeer for Dogs and the Holiday Field Mouse for Cats. Best of all, West Paw Design’s commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing practices includes using recycled filling and fabrics for their pet toys and beds.

    • Seven Great Last Minute Gifts from Brands That Give Back  -

      ​Fun & Educational Gifts for Kids

      Every child loves getting toys for the holidays. Junior Explorers Gift Sets from Junior Explorers allow kids to enjoy hours of educational fun beyond the holiday season. Plus, purchases from Junior Explorers help support Mission Give Back, a program that helps promote worldwide conservation projects. Use promo code HOLIDAY to receive a free month of Junior Explorers with any package purchased!

    • Seven Great Last Minute Gifts from Brands That Give Back  -
      Pamper Your Favorite 

      Does someone on your list love a day at the spa? They can experience some of the same pampering at home with a Deluxe Unscented Gift Set from Badger Balm Co.® And for peace of mind, Badger’s certified organic products are made using natural ingredients, including plant extracts, exotic oils and beeswax.

    • Seven Great Last Minute Gifts from Brands That Give Back  -

      ​​​​​​For Coffee Fans

      Help them start their day with the gift of gourmet coffee from the experts at Grounds for Change. Their 6-Pack Coffee Sampler helps add variety to their morning ritual. In addition to their fantastic varieties, all Grounds for Change coffee is certified fair trade and meets the strict requirements for organic certification. Plus, as a member of 1% for The Planet, Grounds for Change donates 1% of their total sales to non-profit environmental organizations.

    • Seven Great Last Minute Gifts from Brands That Give Back  -

      Sustainable Fashion

      Fashion mavens are always on the lookout for the season’s hottest styles. Looptworks contemporary take on the classic Women's Henley is sure to be a welcome gift under their tree. Like all of their limited edition apparel, this chic henely is made in fair-labor factories that use high-quality materials rescued from brand name manufacturers.


      ​​​We hope this list will not only help make your gift-giving season successful, we also hope it will encourage you, your family and friends to seek out companies that do more than offer products and services. Buy supporting certified B Corps businesses, your purchases help make a difference in the world around us.

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  • Dansko – Founded on Sharing

    By Brendan Carr on Thursday, December 03, 2015

    Founded_on_Sharing_01.jpg -

    ​​Happy Holidays! This month at The Dansko Blog, we Celebrate Sharing and Giving Back!

    Our co-founder Mandy has always said “When you’ve got something good, share it!” This philosophy is an integral part of daily life at Dansko. Whether we’re helping local organizations through our volunteering efforts or contributing to charitable causes, Dansko strives to make a positive impact in the world. To kick-off our celebration of sharing, we spotlight a special organization that’s dedicated to making a difference by giving back –The Dansko Foundation.

    “When you’ve got something good, share it!”

    When Dansko’s founders Mandy and Peter discovered the “shoe that had the power to change lives”, they shared their find with friends and family. When word about these clogs spread outside their friends, Mandy and Peter knew that they had to share them with everyone. Their passion to share something good with others is the cornerstone of our company’s foundation. It’s also the belief that led to the creation of the non-profit organization, The Dansko Foundation.

    What is The Dansko Foundation?

    The Dansko Foundation is a non-profit organization with a focus on giving back to the community that has championed Dansko since the very beginning. The purpose of the Foundation is to inspire, support and facilitate charitable giving and service projects by Dansko employees to organizations that demonstrate a benefit for human kind. Since its inception, The Dansko Foundation has contributed over $900,000 to more than 677 non-profit organizations. Dansko also encourages its employees to share by matching their charitable contributions. From donating to relief efforts and food banks to sponsoring educational and recreational programs, every contribution The Dansko Foundation makes is an investment in a better world.

    Sharing In So Many Ways

    How does one carry out a mission of sharing? With a team of caring individuals that serve as the Board of The Dansko Foundation. Comprised of Dansko employees from every area of Dansko’s business, the Board determines how to support community-based groups and local chapters of national organizations. Of course, Dansko employees not on the board still play a vital role in this mission of sharing. Each year, Dansko allots 20 hours of volunteer time to each employee. On any given workday, a Dansko employee can be found sharing their talents by cooking and serving meals, cleaning watersheds, planting trees or rolling up their sleeves to help out any way they can in our community.

    How Can I Give Back?

    The Dansko Foundation not only makes a difference in this community, it also inspires others to do so in kind. If you would like to volunteer in your community, sites such as and can help you locate volunteer opportunities in your area. Visit them today and share the good tomorrow.

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  • Dansko Gives Back to Our Biggest Fans

    By Brendan Carr on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

    Giveaway-01.jpg -

    We’ve enjoyed celebrating milestones throughout October at The Dansko Blog! To wrap up this celebration of our many achievements – and our 25th Anniversary – Dansko salutes two groups who championed us from the start and continue to support to this day: medical professionals and educators.

    • Dansko Gives Back to Our Biggest Fans  -

      ​We love recounting our origin story, but we also love hearing your Dansko discovery stories. Listening to longstanding and recent Dansko fans tell us about their first encounters with our shoes is always enjoyable. Although these stories are individually unique, there are plenty that do share a similar trait: the recommendations of friends and family.

    • Dansko Gives Back to Our Biggest Fans  -

      ​When Dansko hit the footwear scene, medical pros and educators were among the first to discover the all-day comfort and support that our shoes provide. These professionals became instant fans who quickly spread the word about our shoes to their coworkers, family and friends. Their passion helped Dansko grow into the successful company that it is today. For that, Dansko is eternally grateful to these two professional groups for their enthusiastic loyalty.

    • Dansko Gives Back to Our Biggest Fans  -

      ​As part of our 25th anniversary celebration, we wanted to thank these two exceptional professional groups for their continued support of Dansko by surprising them with the gift of free shoes.

    • Dansko Gives Back to Our Biggest Fans  -

      ​Meeting these devoted Dansko fans was a wonderful experience made all the better by seeing their smiling faces as we presented them with new pairs of their favorite shoes.

    • Dansko Gives Back to Our Biggest Fans  -

      ​From everyone at Dansko, we wish the very best for educators and medical pros everywhere. They truly help make the world a better place.

      ​Join us next month at The Dansko Blog as we celebrate comfort!

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