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  • Celebrating Dansko Friendships

    By Brendan Carr on Thursday, March 24, 2016

    Friendship1.jpg -

    ​The Dansko Blog’s celebration of friendship takes a look at a few of the many friendships to be found right here at Dansko!

    Regardless of profession, it's good to be friendly with coworkers. Many studies show that a strong sense of comradery between coworkers often leads to strengthened morale, increased productivity, and decreased employee absences. Simply stated, workdays run smoothly when coworkers get along. At the end of the workday, congenial coworkers bid each other a goodnight and go their separate ways until the next shift. But every now and then, workplace friendships develop that go beyond the punch clock. Sometimes, strangers who started as workplace colleagues become lifelong friends who are just like family.

    At Dansko, we’re proud of the work we do and the people who do the work. We’re proud of the high quality footwear that we produce, the supportive work environment that we cultivate, and the comradery of our various departments. And we’re pleased to see friendships grow under our roof. Here are just a few of the many great workplace friendships that developed at Dansko.

    • Celebrating Dansko Friendships  -

      Lisa B. and Karen H.

      How did you and your best friend become best friends?

      Karen: We met through a mutual friend in grade school many, many years ago.

      What are your favorite and funniest friend moments?

      Lisa: My favorite moments involved getting off work at 5pm, picking up my children from daycare and then driving to Karen’s house to hang out until 3am. The funniest moments were when my husband would call on those days to ask “Are you guys okay? When you coming home?”

      Karen: One of the funniest moments was when Lisa got her nails done and they were so long she couldn’t type on her keyboard. But my favorite friend moments were when she and her boys would stay at my house till the wee hours of the morning.

      What do you value most about your friendship?

      Karen: That we can be open and honest with each other and can talk about anything. I think Lisa has an amazing family and is a great mom. And she can always make me laugh.

      Lisa: Karen is always there for me no matter what I’ve been through. She always keeps it real and doesn’t sugarcoat it. I also love the way she loves her family no matter what they do.

    • Celebrating Dansko Friendships  -

      ​​Marco I. and Mike J.

      How did you and your best friend become best friends?

      Mike: Marco had already been working at Dansko when I was hired. We met through a mutual friend who was also employed at Dansko at the time. He seemed to think we would get along rather well because we were both pretty big Philly sport fans. After we recognized that we stood on common Philly sports ground, we realized that we also shared many other interests as well. 

      What do you value most about your friendship?

      Marco: I am blessed to have two wonderful sisters, but when I was growing up I always wanted a brother. Now I can say that I have one. Mike’s a good guy that’s always been there for me no matter what. Certain friends might go come and go, but some friends remain for a lifetime. I am proud to call Mike a friend and a brother. He’s a strong character with the drive to be the best he can be every day.
      Mike: Marco’s a true friend and a real good guy! Somebody once told me that there are friends and then there are friends who will drop everything to help. Those friends are the kind of company that you need to keep … and Marco belongs in that category. As long as we’ve been friends, he’s always been willing to help me any way he can. My mom even refers to Marco as her adopted son. 

      What’s your favorite friend moment?

      Mike: My favorite friend moment is when the Phillies won the World Series in 2008.  Marco and I couldn’t get tickets to Game 5 but there was a basketball game that night. We got tickets to the basketball game but snuck out after a few minutes to head down to the pavilion to watch the baseball game. As luck would have it, the Phillies won the World Series that night. These huge glass doors in the Pavilion opened up and we ran out into the streets of Philly, hugging perfect strangers and screaming “We won!”

      What’s the best piece of advice that your friend gave you?

      Marco: Over the years, Mike has given me a lot of advice. I can say that all of it comes from the heart. He’s always been honest and genuine with me. Some friends might tell you what you want to hear but Mike tells it like it is. In the end, he always has my best interest in mind. I respect that very much because that is what true friendship is all about.

      Mike: Marco has given me tons of advice over the years but the two messages that I always take away are to keep a positive outlook on life and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Marco is not only great at doing his due diligence, he’s also willing to learn more when the opportunity presents itself.

    • Celebrating Dansko Friendships  -

      ​Anna K. and Tracy C.

      How did you and your best friend become best friends?

      Anna: Tracy and I have similar life experiences. We clicked right away once we started talking about our families especially our children. Also, we are both outgoing and like to be involved at Dansko outside of our department. 

      What do you value most about your friendship?

      Anna: I can talk to Tracy about anything and know that she will listen without judgement. I also value all of the laughs we share together. There are many LOLs! We have a similar sense of humor and can both be very silly.

      Tracy: There is so much I value. Anna is an awesome mom, a hard worker and the best listener. She’s a loyal, unselfish friend who can always make me smile. I feel like I’ve known her my whole life but we met here at Dansko.

      What’s the best piece of advice that your friend gave you?

      Tracy: I can’t think of just one thing but I can say that Anna is not afraid to be honest with me – even if it’s not what I want to hear. I lean on her for advice on lots of things. From asking her what outfit I should wear for a special occasion to helping me out when I’m having a bad day, she’s always there to listen and lend advice.
      Anna: Tracy and I both hand out mutual mom and wife advice to each other. She also reminds me to find the humor in things especially when times are tough.

      Being friendly with coworkers is good; being friends who work together is best. Just ask Karen, Lisa, Marco, Mike, Anna and Tracy!


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  • Adventures in Shipping!

    By Brendan Carr on Friday, September 25, 2015

    adventures on shipping-01.jpg -

    Whether you realize it or not, every one of us embarks on a series of adventures every day. We may not be scaling mountains or conquering the open sea, but our daily doings are filled with interesting activities that are worth celebrating. Our month-long celebration of everyday adventures continues with this chronicle of an exciting journey that begins in our Distribution Center.

    • Adventures in Shipping!  -

      ​If someone says shipping shoes isn’t an adventurous endeavor, they’re doing it wrong. Shipping shoes is more than an ordinary activity; the Dansko shipping process is the start of an amazing journey that takes each pair of shoes from our Five Star Distribution Center to your favorite retailers. To get our shoes ready for their big trek, Dansko relies on the talents of our highly trained team of shipping superheroes and their trusty robotic sidekicks.

    • Adventures in Shipping!  -

      ​Through some super cool technology, combined with our skilled team, Dansko has developed a more efficient and accurate shipping process that also improves the quality of workplace life for each team member. Our highly sophisticated robotic sidekicks support our warehouse employees by taking on some of the heavy lifting. Instead of having team members constantly walk up and down the aisles and lift numerous boxes, our bots use sophisticated order-processing software and built-in cameras to help locate the ordered shoes and bring them directly to our manned workstations. Then our shipping specialists sort and pack each shoe box in preparation of its big journey to the world outside our walls.

    • Adventures in Shipping!  -

      ​The next time you visit your favorite retailer to pick up a new pair of Dansko shoes, take a minute to think about the adventures of the shoe and the shipping superheroes and robotic sidekicks who had a hand in passing it from us to you.

    • Adventures in Shipping!  -

      ​Join us next month at The Dansko Blog as we celebrate a milestone event in Dansko history!

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  • Dansko – A Place Where Everyday Adventures Begin!

    By Brendan Carr on Wednesday, September 09, 2015

    090815_1.jpg -

    Whether we realize it or not, every one of us embarks on a series of adventures every day. We may not be scaling mountains or conquering the open sea, but our daily doings are often filled with challenges and interesting activities that are worth celebrating. Our month-long celebration of everyday adventures begins at a place where exciting things are always happening – Dansko home base!

    • Dansko – A Place Where Everyday Adventures Begin! -

      ​It would be difficult to find the inspiration to design and create new shoes if our everyday environment wasn’t stimulating to our senses. That’s why the Dansko corporate headquarters was intended to be an inspirational oasis that motivates action, spurs creativity and fuels our workday adventures.

    • Dansko – A Place Where Everyday Adventures Begin! -

      ​As soon as you set foot here, your eyes are treated to a bounty of beautiful sculptures, lush greenery, and a peaceful pond. That serene scene creates a positive vibe that continues throughout our entire home. Whether we’re holding a meeting amid the scenic splendor of our vegetated roof or taking five on the balcony that overlooks our living wall, there are plenty of creative catalysts in our surroundings. In that sense, our home does more than house our staff; it inspires us to create the shoes for your everyday adventures.

    • Dansko – A Place Where Everyday Adventures Begin! -

      ​Come with us now, as we take a most unusual tour of Dansko with our co-founder Peter!

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  • Saying Goodbye to Summer with a Night of Family Fun!

    By Brendan Carr on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

    ff1.jpg -

    Summer is the perfect season to spend time with your family. That’s why we’ve celebrated our family all month long at The Dansko Blog! In our final post for August, we spotlight one of our favorite summer pastimes – Family Fun Night!

    • Saying Goodbye to Summer with a Night of Family Fun! -

      ​Much like you, everyone at Dansko works hard. But we also understand how important it is to take a break during the workweek and enjoy some much-needed family time. 

      We recently gathered together for a night of family fun before the summer ends – and school begins. There was tasty food, cool games and plenty of amusing activities for everyone to enjoy.

    • Saying Goodbye to Summer with a Night of Family Fun! -

      It’s hard to say goodbye to summer but it’s easier with family by your side.

    • Saying Goodbye to Summer with a Night of Family Fun! -

      Now, let’s get ready for the everyday adventures that await us in the fall!

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  • Meet The Dansko Dogs

    By Brendan Carr on Thursday, August 20, 2015

    Meet_the_Dansko_Dogs1.jpg -

    ​Summer is the perfect season to spend time with your family. That’s why we’re celebrating our family all month long at The Dansko Blog! From people and products to philosophies and activities, you’ll discover the many unique traits that make our family so special. This week, we spotlight our furriest family members – The Dansko Dogs!

    • Meet The Dansko Dogs  -

      ​Some of our Dansko family members never answer the phone, don’t respond to email and often sleep on the job. And that’s okay with us. They’re The Dansko Dogs!

    • Meet The Dansko Dogs  -

      More than mere mascots, these four-legged family members hold a vital position in the company: they’re the CMOs (Chief Morale Officers). Their daily workload consists of roaming the halls, playing on the lawn and bringing smiles to our faces. All they ask in return for brightening our day is the occasional treat, a scratch behind the ears or a belly rub (if you give them all three back-to-back, then you’ve made their day).

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