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  • Dansko Celebrates Two Momentous Honors

    By Brendan Carr on Friday, March 11, 2016

    Danskowins2_2.jpg -

    ​In its 26 year history, Dansko has received a fair share of praise for its high-quality footwear, ethical business practices, altruism, volunteerism, and dedication to environmentally friendly initiatives. Every award that Dansko receives means a great deal to every member of the team. Each recognition that Dansko earns is considered a representation of its commitment to changing lives through high-quality products. Of all the honors that Dansko has earned, its two most recent awards feel particularly special.

    This month, Footwear Plus presented Dansko with two momentous honors. The first distinction, the Excellence in Design award, was presented to Dansko’s iconic stapled clog in recognition of its many style and comfort benefits. Considering the popularity of the clog and the number of clog brands currently available to consumers, this award distinguishes Dansko as the proven leader in the clog category.

    In addition to bestowing top honors to the stapled clog, Footwear Plus also presented Dansko co-founder and CEO Mandy Cabot with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. Acknowledging Mandy’s role as a successful business leader, the Lifetime Achievement Award also pays tribute to her influence on the footwear industry and her dedication to making the world a better place. In the words of Greg Dutter, Editorial Director of Footwear Plus magazine, Mandy “has become a role model for other companies in and outside the footwear industry.”
    Please join Dansko in celebrating these two major honors and in congratulating Mandy on her prestigious award!


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  • Mandy & Peter Celebrate Their Dansko Roots!

    By Brendan Carr on Thursday, October 01, 2015

    Celebrate_Roots_01.jpg -

    We’re celebrating milestones throughout October at The Dansko Blog! And since this month marks our 25th Anniversary, the timing is absolutely perfect. To commemorate this awesome achievement, we’re paying tribute to our roots in a unique way. Before we had a headquarters, a website, a warehouse and all of our team members, your favorite shoes were only available to the equestrian community. Join us now, as Mandy and Peter take us back to where it all began… 

    • Mandy & Peter Celebrate Their Dansko Roots! -

      ​Back in the day, Mandy and Peter had a dream to share their favorite shoes with the world. But they didn’t have a store… or an established fan base. What they did have was passion for their product, a station wagon and a connected community. While hitting the road in support of their budding business, they found their first fans at local horse shows. As word of mouth spread, the demand for Dansko shoes increased outside of the equestrian circle.

    • Mandy & Peter Celebrate Their Dansko Roots! -

      ​Twenty-five years later, Dansko has fans everywhere. Although Dansko’s success exceeded their wildest dreams, Mandy and Peter keep those early days close to their hearts.

    • Mandy & Peter Celebrate Their Dansko Roots! -

      ​To celebrate our roots, our cofounders surprised Dansko fans by co-staffing the counter of Little Foxes Tack & Togs during a local show that helped them launch Dansko twenty-five years ago. Along with shop owner Sue Weiland, Mandy and Peter greeted attendees, assisted customers, and sold shoes to Dansko devotees and new fans, too. It was a wonderful day for everyone who attended!

    • Mandy & Peter Celebrate Their Dansko Roots! -

      ​Even after twenty-five years, Mandy and Peter still have the passion and enthusiasm to roll up their sleeves and tell customers about their love for these amazing shoes and to thank them for helping make the Dansko dream come true.

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  • Three Life Lessons from a Traveling Teacher

    By Nick on Friday, February 20, 2015

    TT-01.jpg -

    ​At Dansko, we strive to support hard-working teachers who spend all day on their feet—regardless of the continent, country or state they happen to visit. So when we connected with Lillie Marshall, a Boston public school teacher, loyal Dansko fan and adventurous world traveler, we decided to share her story (or, at the very least, one piece of her story!).

    • Three Life Lessons from a Traveling Teacher  -

      From the stone-covered temples of Cambodia to the gentle blue waters of Belize, Lille has covered a lot of ground. The curious school teacher, who once used a nine-month sabbatical to travel the world, believes in the influence of teacher-travelers and traveler-teachers; she takes pride in sharing diverse stories from people who love teaching (and traveling).

      Naturally, Lillie publishes these stories online, via her two blogs: Teaching Traveling and Around the World “L”. This winter, she shared the details of her visit to the White House, where she participated in a remarkable, 48-hour Travel Blogger Summit. Trip to the Oval Office? Check. Photo in the Executive Office Building? Absolutely. Feel-good travels while wearing our Bess Mary Jane? Of course! Not only did Lillie promote the summit’s #StudyAbroadBecause initiative, she did so in comfort and style.
      So, how does this curious explorer of a teacher positively influence the lives of her students, and the lives of her readers? We’ll let her tell you.
      Three Life Lessons from Traveling-Teacher Lillie Marshall    
    • Three Life Lessons from a Traveling Teacher  -

      Lesson 1: Travel teaches brilliantly, is a wise economic investment in one’s career and development, and should be made possible for people of all backgrounds and economic levels.

      In 2009, I took a leave of absence from my teaching job to travel alone around the world for a year using money I’d saved from frugal living and working long hours. My year of travel was one of the best things I have ever done, and completely changed my life. As a result, I now have a new job I love, have developed skills I never would have, and even met my husband! I am committed to helping as many people as possible from a wide variety of backgrounds experience the transformative power of travel. In 2012, I took 42 Boston Public Schools students on a trip to China, and their reflections afterwards were amazing!


    • Three Life Lessons from a Traveling Teacher  -

      Lesson 2: Teaching is a wonderful career.

      I’ve now been teaching for eleven years, and it is an awesome job! No other career offers such creativity, fun, exciting challenges, and potential to make a real difference. Further, teaching is the ideal career for travelers, as teaching schedules allow for vacation-time world exploration, and teacher travel grants abound.
    • Three Life Lessons from a Traveling Teacher  -

      Lesson 3: Writing is transformative, bringing greater happiness, connections and opportunities. Share your story, and help others share theirs!

      The New York Times recently published an article stating scientific evidence that writing boosts happiness. I have experienced this profoundly, having published over 600 articles on and over 230 on, not to menton the dozens of articles in other publications. If you don’t write already, consider starting, even if it’s just a long post on Facebook! Writing helps us make sense of our world, connects us more deeply with others, and often opens opportunities that we never otherwise would be offered. If I hadn’t started a travel blog back in 2009 and poured my passion into it for years, I wouldn’t have been invited to the White House for the Travel Blogger Summit on Global Education!
      To learn more about Lillie and her passion for exploring, visit her two blogs: Teaching Traveling and Around the World “L”.
      [Photo Credits: Lillie Marshall]
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  • Recipe Time: Mixing It Up With Jeffrey Morgenthaler

    By Nick on Tuesday, December 30, 2014

    Jeffrey-Morgenthaler2b.jpg -

    Way back in May, when winter had barely passed in Pennsylvania, we featured a Q&A with Jeffrey Morgenthaler, a renowned “mixologist” from Portland, Oregon. While working late nights and early mornings, Jeffrey started to battle a painful foot ailment called plantar fasciitis—a disorder that caused great pain under his foot and heel. Then, as his story goes, Jeffrey discovered Dansko clogs, his go-to shoe for busy shifts behind the bar. Now a loyal fan, Jeffrey continues to mix his way through “The City of Roses,” all while relying on his signature Dansko clogs for all-day comfort and support. 

    Just in time for the biggest bash of the year, we connected with Jeffrey to feature a fun and simple winter cocktail recipe. Take a look below.

    Happy New Year!

    • Recipe Time: Mixing It Up With Jeffrey Morgenthaler  -


      1½ oz blanded Scotch
      ¾ oz lemon juice
      ½ oz 2:1 simple
      1 tsp allspice dram
      ½ oz egg white
      Shake, strain, serve up, garnish with an orange twist
      To browse our complete collection of men’s shoes, including Jeffrey’s favorite Pro XP clogs, visit


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  • Holiday DIY: All Wrapped Up in Holiday Cheer

    By Diana on Wednesday, December 17, 2014

    HolidayDIY_Post-01.jpg -

    ​As the holidays draw nearer, to-do lists, shopping lists and grocery lists only seem to grow larger. So why not add a little fun to the holiday hustle and bustle by creating one-of-a-kind wrapping paper? Below, we offer three methods for turning every day present wrapping into an enjoyable (and economical) endeavor. Grab your scissors, tape and holiday-themed markers, and start wrapping!

    • Brown craft paper
    • Scissors
    • Tape
    • Metallic markers
    • Bows, ribbon, string and other present décor
    1. Grab your craft paper and roll out a nice, long sheet, big enough to cover your entire gift
    2. Cut a straight line at the far end to separate your piece from the roll
    3. Grab your markers and choose one of the three designs below
    • Holiday DIY: All Wrapped Up in Holiday Cheer  -

      Design One: Dancing the Polka  

      Simple, clean and oh-so-trendy, gold polka dots will add fun and festive flair to your favorite gifts. Start by randomly placing gold dots throughout your empty sheet of paper. Keep the dots spaced somewhat evenly and, for the tidiest look, uniform in size. Once you’re comfortable with the look of the sheet, wrap your present the standard way—by folding the ends and taping the seams. We added tan and green garden twine for a naturally-pretty finish.

    • Holiday DIY: All Wrapped Up in Holiday Cheer  -

      Design Two: Not-So-Fine Lines

      This playful design will let your creativity run wild. Start by drawing a straight line across the center of your sheet. Continue to add other horizontal line elements—from dots, to festive arrows, to holiday-inspired text—without trying too hard to keep your designs straight and even. Your “freehand” will add a homemade twist! Finish wrapping with a bright bow (we chose red for a fun pop of color).

    • Holiday DIY: All Wrapped Up in Holiday Cheer  -

      Design Three: Holiday joyride

      Fun to make and to receive, this colorful design works with virtually any combination of holiday markers. Start at the top of your sheet and let your hand do the work, creating mismatched “hoops” in a diagonal fashion. Much like design two, you’ll want to focus on random spacing and uneven lines—this approach will add a creative touch to your gift! Once you reach the bottom corner of your sheet, wrap your present and add a simple bow; we chose white baker’s twine.

      There you have it! Three simple solutions to take care of your holiday wrapping needs. Happy wrapping—and happy holidays!


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