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  • Eat Your Way Through A Healthy Day, Part II: Lunch

    By Nick on Wednesday, March 04, 2015

    HomeBeccanomics_3.jpg -

    ​On Monday, we introduced home cook, blog aficionado and culinary writer Becca Boyd, who maintains a mouth-watering recipe site entitled Homebeccanomics. Over the course of the next several days, we will continue our journey through a day of healthy eating, courtesy of Becca’s creative cooking mind. If you enjoyed her warm and tasty Chocolate Banana Protein Muffins, wait until you try her Black Bean Soup with Bacon and Cilantro!

    By eating your way through Becca’s recipes, you will fulfill her goal—and ours!—of pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Our shoes promote positive foot, leg and back health, and Becca’s recipes fill you up with tasty goodness; a win-win combo.

    Go ahead, grab a soup pot and a spatula—you have some cooking to do!


    • Eat Your Way Through A Healthy Day, Part II: Lunch -


      From Becca: Next up—lunch! I eat a lot of soup in the cooler months, as I find it’s the best (low calorie) way to fill me up and warm me up. Carve out an hour on Sunday afternoon and you’ll have lunch for the week, saving you time and money.
      Serves 4-6
      5 slices Bacon
      2 medium onions, diced
      4 garlic cloves, chopped
      1 1/2 tsp. dried thyme
      3 (15 oz) cans black beans, drained, 1 c. liquid reserved*
      1 3/4 c. chicken broth
      1 (28 oz can) whole, peeled tomatoes, chopped, in juice*
      1 tsp. ground cumin
      1/2 tsp. chili powder
      Big pinch cayenne pepper
      To Serve
      1/4 c. nonfat Greek plain yogurt
      1/3 c. fresh cilantro, roughly chopped
      *When you open the can of beans, hold the top on to keep the beans in the can and let the liquid pour out into a glass measuring cup. I got about 1/2 c. liquid from 1 can of beans.
      *You can use diced tomatoes here as well. I had whole, so I dumped the contents of the can into a mixing bowl and, using my hands, broke up the tomatoes into smaller pieces.

      Saute bacon in dutch oven or large soup pot over medium high until cooked. Transfer bacon to paper towels to drain. Remove most of the fat from the pan, leaving about 1 tbsp.

      Add onion, garlic and thyme and saute until onions are softened and lightly golden, 5-8 minutes. 3. Add beans, bean liquid, chicken broth, tomatoes (in juice), and spices. Place lid on pot and set heat to high.

      Bring liquid to boil and then take the lid off and reduce heat to low. Simmer 20 minutes to thicken and combine flavors.

      Transfer mixture to blender or food processor (or use immersion blender) to puree soup until smooth. Return soup to pot and heat over low heat.

      Chop cooled bacon and garnish sprinkle over servings of soup, along with a scoop of yogurt and freshly chopped cilantro.

      Stay tuned for Becca’s next two recipes: Cocoa Almond No-Bake Healthy Cookies and Pears with Blue Cheese and Honey. 

      [Photo Credits, All: Rebecca Boyd]





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  • Eat Your Way Through A Healthy Day, Part I: Breakfast

    By Nick on Wednesday, February 25, 2015

    HomeBeccanomics_1.jpg -

    ​While scrolling through countless recipes on one of our favorite websites—local writer Becca Boyd’s food blog, entitled “Homebeccanomics”—our mouths watered, our stomach’s growled and our appetites grew. We can only assume this response happens frequently; through dozens of snacks, entrées and desserts, Becca takes readers on a culinary journey, all while supporting a healthy lifestyle.

    While we may not publish a blog with delicious recipes, we do share Becca’s appreciation for healthy living. By delivering feel-good footwear for chefs, teachers and countless other professionals who spend all day on their feet, we successfully promote positive foot, leg and back health, making a meaningful difference in the lives of our loyal fans. 
    So, in the spirit of “sharing something great,” we collaborated with Becca to jumpstart a four-part blog series. In each post, we will share a recipe from Homebeccanomics, starting with breakfast and ending with dinner.
    Go ahead … start baking! And while you’re waiting for your breakfast muffins to rise, check out the rest of Becca’s story—from her days as a culinary arts teacher to her experience as a mother of two.
    • Eat Your Way Through A Healthy Day, Part I: Breakfast -


      From Becca: Muffins can be a great way to start to the day. Pair these with a grab-and-go fruit and a latte and you’ve got a high-protein, high-fiber (not to mention delicious) breakfast, fit for a king. Makes 16-18

      1 1/2 c. white whole-wheat flour
      1/2 c. chocolate protein powder
      1/4 c. dark unsweetened cocoa powder
      2 tsp. baking powder
      1/2 tsp. baking soda
      1/2 tsp. salt
      1/3 c. sugar
      2 eggs
      3 over-ripe bananas, mashed
      1/2 c. greek nonfat or lowfat (plain) yogurt
      1/3 c. canola oil
      1 tsp. vanilla
      1/2 c. walnuts, chopped
      1/2 c. bittersweet chocolate chips

      Preheat oven to 375 degrees
      In a medium bowl, whisk flour, protein powder, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda, and salt
      On a plate, mash bananas with a fork
      In a large bowl, whisk eggs, bananas, oil, sugar, vanilla, and yogurt until combined
      Fold dry ingredients into wet until halfway mixed
      Add walnuts and chocolate and continue to fold until just combined
      Spray two 12 c. muffin tins with nonstick spray or fill with paper liner
      Divide batter evenly between the holes, filling each about 2/3 of the way full
      Bake for 12-16 minutes, or until you touch the top of a muffin and it’s no longer wet
      Let cool in the tin for about five minutes, then remove to a wire rack to cool completely
      These will keep at room temperature for several days. They will freeze well; put them in bags of two and take them out as you need them for breakfasts on-the-go.
      Stay tuned for Becca’s next recipe: Black Bean Soup with Bacon sand Cilantro.


      [Photo Credits, All: Rebecca Boyd]

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  • Shop the Trend: Cupid's Color Wheel

    By Nick on Thursday, February 12, 2015

    Valentines_Fuchsia.jpg -

    ​With the official “holiday of love” just around the corner, we connected with four inspiring Etsy stores to create a special-edition, Valentine’s Day “Shop the Trend” collage. From Dansko flats to "I Love You" pillows, you'll discover five compelling reasons to shop the colors of cupid.   

    Dansko Neely: At first glance, Neely looks like a traditional Dansko flat with a playfully-colored upper. With a second look, you’ll uncover all the details: intricate laser-cut leathers, a supportive memory foam footbed, a lightweight, flexible construction… 

    From: Dansko

    Mineral Bookends: When we discovered these stunning mineral bookends, we immediately thought of our own book collections—and how dull and dreary they now seem. Add a little sophistication (and a lot of color!) to your book stacks with these hand-polished decorations.

    Valentine’s Day Card: Ahead of the loveliest holiday of the year, we uncovered this simple-yet-thoughtful greeting card. Paired with a bright-red envelope (and your own message, of course!), this card will spread a little joy on Valentine’s Day.

    Brass Earrings: With a vibrant magenta stone and a classic brass finish, these earrings immediately caught our attention. Pair them with subtle tones for a “pop” of color—or with Valentine’s Day pinks for a festive alternative.

    I Love You Pillow: For the renaissance gift-giver, we stumbled upon this romantic “I Love You” pillow. Dress up your home—and your linguistic skills—by adding more than a dozen languages to your bedroom or living room.

    From: Roomcraft
    [Photo Credits: TheHiddenGemShop (bookends), Littleprintdesign (card), Jacaranda Designs (earrings), Roomcraft (pillow)]


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  • Material Care: Maintaining Your Winter Leathers

    By Diana on Thursday, January 15, 2015

    MaterialCare_Post-01.jpg -

    ​Show your shoes some tender loving care this winter by following our quick-and-easy maintenace guide. From smooth nubuck to exotic cobblestone, we want to keep your leathers looking fresh and tidy. Grab your supplies and start cleaning--your shoes will look new in no time!

    • Material Care: Maintaining Your Winter Leathers  -



      Shoes with nubuck uppers feature a velvety surface that has been sanded or buffed; this process gives the leather a soft "nap" of protein fibers. We love nubuck because it generally resists wear (and because it feels so smooth to the touch!) but, to ensure your shoes live a long and happy life, we suggest pre-treating them with a nubuck spray.  

      Our Recommendation: Wipe the upper with a damp cloth to remove surface dirt. Then, once you’ve carefully wiped the nubuck, “erase” stubborn stains with a nubuck bar and comb the fibers back into place with a nubuck brush. For maximum water and stain protection, make sure to apply a nubuck spray—doing so will dramatically reduce stains, smudges and unwanted spots!

    • Material Care: Maintaining Your Winter Leathers  -


      Patent leather features a smooth, clean surface and a glossy, high-shine finish. Surprisingly, patents begin as fine-grain leathers; after undergoing a complex process, they reveal the classic polished look that customers have loved for centuries.

      Our Recommendation: Quick and easy--wipe with a clean, damp cloth until the smudges dissapear. No wonder our patent leather shoes serve as fan favorites!
    • Material Care: Maintaining Your Winter Leathers  -


      Soft, supple and luxurious, nappa leather pairs perfectly with dressier looks (think: theater trips and dinner dates). To keep this flawlessly-smooth leather looking flawlessy-smooth, you'll want to periodically "condition" the surface with a leather cream.

      Our Recommendation: Start by wiping the surface with a soft cloth. If you still notice spots and smudges, dampen your cloth and continue to wipe the surface. Then, once the surface has dried, buff the upper with a leather cream, which will clean, nourish and condition the leather. 
    • Material Care: Maintaining Your Winter Leathers  -



      After undergoing a simple coating process, oiled leather reveals a supple finish and a soft-yet-rugged appearance. The best part? As the oiled surface wears, it shows small “smudges” that only enhance the material’s rich finish.

      Our Recommendation: Start by lightly rubbing scuffs with your fingertips. As odd as it sounds, small spots can often be “smoothed out” by hand. For stubborn stains, you’ll need to grab a damp cloth and rub lightly. You may also want to apply an oiled leather restorer, which conditions and refines the smooth appearance of the leather. One last tip: you can waterproof your leathers through the end of the winter by using a beeswax conditioner. Apply often and generously—you’ll want to keep your shoes looking fresh!
    • Material Care: Maintaining Your Winter Leathers  -



      Our intricately-patterned cobblestone shoes feature “embossed leather” uppers. Applying pressure to the leather over an extended period of time reveals a raised, weighted design—or in our case, a beautiful cobblestone finish!

      Our Recommendation: Grab a soft, damp cloth and lightly rub any dirt or stains that appear. While cleaning, make sure to take nice, gentle strokes—you won’t want to damage the intricate finish!
      For a complete list of Material Care tips, visit
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  • Five Warm-Weather Vacations For Your Summer-Ready Feet

    By Nick on Tuesday, January 13, 2015

    warm_-01.jpg -

    ​Now beyond the holidays and into the heart of winter, we can’t help but daydream about umbrella drinks, sun tans and palm trees. Thankfully, we have a proven pick-me-up for the winter blues: a relaxing, warm-weather vacation. Ready to soak up the sun? Clear your calendar, pick a destination and pack your bags—paradise lays ahead!

    Before you embark on your journey, we’d like to make one packing suggestion: our Larissa sandal in vacation-ready Tangerine and Caramel. With gorgeous leather uppers, an adjustable ankle strap and a heritage-inspired blonde outsole, Larissa offers everything you ever wanted in a warm-weather sandal.

    To guide your planning, we made five unique pitches for five winter vacations. Interested in visiting Georiga, Hawaii or somewhere in-between? Read on!

    • Five Warm-Weather Vacations For Your Summer-Ready Feet  -

      Scottsdale, Arizona

      “The West’s Most Western Town” promises 330 days of sunshine—which means you can relax, explore, eat and play in the nation’s most idyllic climate. Strap on your sandals for a leisurely day by the pool, or lace up your sneakers for a self-guided hike through the desert. No matter how you choose to relax, you’ll instantly fall in love with this picturesque desert city (if you haven’t already!). 

      [Photo Credit: Dru Bloomfield, via Flickr; license]

    • Five Warm-Weather Vacations For Your Summer-Ready Feet  -

      Savannah, Georgia

      With its emerald tree canopy, majestic cobblestone streets and rich architectural heritage, Savannah offers everything you need for a quaint urban getaway. Wander away from the city center and dig your heels into the sand on Tybee Island Beach, an expansive stretch of coast populated by forts, museums, cottages and the historic Tybee Lighthouse.

      [Photo Credit: Jeff Gunn, via Flickr; license]

    • Five Warm-Weather Vacations For Your Summer-Ready Feet  -

      Kauai, Hawaii

      Though the oldest—and one of the smallest—main islands in the Hawaiian archipelago, Kauai packs a punch. Deserts, rainforests, swamps and mountains offer unrivaled landscapes, while long stretches of secluded white sand provide opportunity to kick back, relax, and soak in the scenery. Pick your adventure—and uncover some of Hawaii’s best-kept secrets.   

      [Photo Credit: Kathy McGraw, via Flickr; license]

    • Five Warm-Weather Vacations For Your Summer-Ready Feet  -

      El Matador Beach, California

      Located in famous Malibu, California, El Matador Beach offers a relaxing retreat from the hustle and bustle of nearby Los Angeles. Visitors uncover intricate nooks, hidden coves and unforgettable scenery, all wrapped into one incredible beach trip. And, once you’ve had enough time to relax, you can tour one of the country’s most sought-after cities!

      [Photo Credit: Vinh Tran, via Flickr; license]

    • Five Warm-Weather Vacations For Your Summer-Ready Feet  -

      Sanibel Island, FL

      Peaceful, relaxing shell beaches meet renowned wildlife refuges on Sanibel Island, a small stretch of land located just south of Fort Myers. The best part?  Just when you’ve hunkered down, and spent ample time relaxing, you can head north to Captiva Island, a mellow Florida beach that offers a whole new adventure.

      [Photo Credit: echaik, via Flickr; license]

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