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  • Refresh Your Fall Wardrobe with Our New Booties!

    By Brendan Carr on Friday, October 28, 2016

    FallFashion_1.jpg -

    Your life is full of so many responsibilities, commitments and activities that it’s almost impossible to keep up. You do your best to balance family, work, play, exercise, relaxation, meals, finances, goals and so on. Even your shoes need to have the right balance of comfort and style to keep you one step ahead of your busy schedule – and perfectly on trend with the latest fashions. That’s why every pair of Dansko shoes gives you a deft balance of comfort and style. 

    This fall, we’re excited to offer you four new booties​ that seamlessly blend all-day comfort with season-savvy style.

    • Refresh Your Fall Wardrobe with Our New Booties!  -


      Michelle not only gives your feet the comfort and support they need for work and play – this refined ankle books also puts you at the forefront of fall fashion thanks to its chic belted accent and fresh colors. 

      Fall Fashion Tip: Don’t put your favorite summer dress away just yet – pair it with Michelle and a light jacket. 

    • Refresh Your Fall Wardrobe with Our New Booties!  -


      Satisfy your comfort and style needs with Sheena! Available in a choice of on-trend colors, Sheena’s stacked leather wedge defines the look of your fall wardrobe. 

      Fall Fashion Tip: Perfect with jeans and a sweater – but cuff those pant legs in so you can show off Sheena’s ruching. 

    • Refresh Your Fall Wardrobe with Our New Booties!  -


      Our Lee boot’s Euro-inspired fashion and function lets you transition effortlessly from the early days of fall to the thick of winter to the start of spring! An easy-to-wear subtle wedge heel keeps you comfortable all day long. 

      Fall Fashion Tip: Lee is key when putting together the perfect layered look. Wear Lee with leggings, socks, a long-sleeve tee, a flannel, and scarf. 

    • Refresh Your Fall Wardrobe with Our New Booties!  -


      Get out there and enjoy your day or night with Dabney! Whether it’s business as usual or girls night out, our Dabney boot’s anklet accent and fashionable block heel will keep you on point. 

      Fall Fashion Tip: Dabney looks fantastic with everything from a midi-skirt and cardigan to rolled jeans and a striped button down. 

      These are just four of the many new and popular booties. Visit our new arrivals​ page to see the latest styles for you!    

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  • The Art & Science of The Professional

    By Brendan Carr on Friday, February 26, 2016

    artscience.jpg -

    ​​​​We’re celebrating art this month at The Dansko Blog!

    There is an art to everything – especially making your favorite shoes. Our product development team puts their artistic talents to the test every time they create a new style, color or pattern for our Professional clog. But to achieve that celebrated all-day comfort and support that is synonymous with the Professional clog, our team also turns to science. The Dansko Blog is proud to present a behind the scenes peek at the many ways in which art and science collaborate to create our iconic Professional clog.

    • The Art & Science of The Professional  -

      Dansko’s iconic Professional clog is famous for its all-day comfort and singular style. But the impeccable mix of those two key ingredients isn’t coincidental. It’s generated by the tireless efforts of our esteemed product development team blending their creativity with the principles of science.

      One branch of the Dansko product development team is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring the Professional always looks its best. By utilizing the art of style, these fashion experts devote their talents and footwear industry knowledge to expanding the Professional clog’s color selection, creating on-trend patterns and prints, and choosing the highest-quality materials for best appearances and long-lasting wear. They’re devoted to safeguarding the Professional’s reputation for unique style and to help continue to grow its fashion fan base.

    • The Art & Science of The Professional  -


      ​​​​​​​​The science-based branch of the Dansko product development team uses technology and their methodical expertise to ensure that every Professional clog offers all-day comfort, unrivaled support, and the best fit for your feet. From blueprints to 3D models to prototypes to finished products, these team members evaluate, measure, and test every shoe for quality, fit, function, durability and performance throughout the preproduction and postproduction processes. No Professional clog leaves Dansko until it’s met the strict standards of our scientific staff.

      ​But the product development team’s responsibilities are not strictly limited to the Professional clog. To keep up with the latest footwear fashions, our designers create new shoe styles and collections, while our science-based team members continue to ensure that every Dansko shoe makes the grade in comfort, fit and function.
      And now you know that every Dansko shoe is the perfect specimen of art and science teaming up to change lives for the better.

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  • A New Year Means New Favorites!

    By Brendan Carr on Monday, January 25, 2016

    NewCollections.jpg -

    ​The start of a new year means messy winter weather most everywhere. But a new year also signals the start of yearnings for spring. Thoughts of warmer temps, sunny days, the joys of spending time outside fill our thoughts every time we shovel the sidewalk or scrape ice off of a windshield. To help kick those spring feelings into full swing, Dansko introduces four new footwear collections for Spring ’16!

    • A New Year Means New Favorites!  - Shop The Dijon Collection

      ​​​Dijon Collection

      The new Dijon collection transitions effortlessly from a day at play to a night on the town. Incorporating natural elements like wood-covered block heels into each design, this collection offers the comfort and style that defines Dansko shoes.

    • A New Year Means New Favorites!  - Shop The Larose Collection

      Larose Collection

      Pairing hand-burnished leather uppers with a suede-covered footbed, our Larose collection is ready to impress the most style-conscious customer. A trend-right low block heel adds to the charm and femininity of this new spring collection.

    • A New Year Means New Favorites!  - Shop The Bayview Collection

      ​​​​​Bayview Collection

      Building off of Dansko’s knack for delivering all-day comfort and on-trend style, the Bayview collection updates sporty designs with patterns, colors and features that please on every level. Lightweight construction, a footbed with memory foam and exceptional arch support make this collection an ideal choice active lifestyles.

    • A New Year Means New Favorites!  - Shop The Marion Collection

      ​Marion Collection

      With roots in our classic stapled collection, Marion delivers Dansko all-day comfort via a cushiony leather-wrapped footbed with our signature arch support. Adjustable straps and buckles contribute functional fashion. Washed leather uppers in a choice of seasonally appropriate colors contribute to the distinct designs.

      Let’s hope winter wraps up quickly so we can wear these new favorites and enjoy the springtime sunshine!
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  • The Tale of a Clog That Was Lost in the Bog!

    By Brendan Carr on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

    bog.jpg -

    ​We’re celebrating sharing and giving back all month long at The Dansko Blog. You’ve heard from us on these subjects – now it’s time for a Dansko fan to tell her unique tale of kindness. 


    ​Every day we receive emails, Facebook posts, Tweets, and phone calls from loyal Dansko fans. Most of these messages are favorable product reviews, shout outs to our shoes or requests to bring back favorite styles from past seasons. A few weeks ago, we received a different kind of email from devoted Dansko fan Alison H. Her heartwarming story really struck a chord with us:

    “On June 1, my beloved Dansko clog lost his mate. It was a drizzly day and I was wearing my clogs despite being the summer. I was driving home and came across an accident involving an over-turned car. I was the second person to stop. As the other person and I approached the vehicle, we quickly sunk in the swampy grass. We both lost our shoes as we raced to help the trapped girl from the car. Fortunately, the girl came away with minor bruises and cuts. However, when I attempted to return to my car, I was unable to free both my beloved clogs from the mud. I only had one clog left. It is funny, every time I pass the scene of the accident on my daily commute, I always frown and think, “Somewhere in the marshy ground is my Dansko clog. Future archaeologists may stumble across it years from now and wonder how the heck that clog got there!”

    As Alison’s story was shared throughout Dansko headquarters, it sparked the same reaction: “We have to share this story with all Dansko fans – and we have to get Alison a new pair of clogs!”

    Here’s to Alison, a true Dansko fan who understands the importance of sharing, caring and sacrifice for the greater good. May others follow her example – and may she enjoy her new clogs!

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  • Mandy & Peter Celebrate Their Dansko Roots!

    By Brendan Carr on Thursday, October 01, 2015

    Celebrate_Roots_01.jpg -

    We’re celebrating milestones throughout October at The Dansko Blog! And since this month marks our 25th Anniversary, the timing is absolutely perfect. To commemorate this awesome achievement, we’re paying tribute to our roots in a unique way. Before we had a headquarters, a website, a warehouse and all of our team members, your favorite shoes were only available to the equestrian community. Join us now, as Mandy and Peter take us back to where it all began… 

    • Mandy & Peter Celebrate Their Dansko Roots! -

      ​Back in the day, Mandy and Peter had a dream to share their favorite shoes with the world. But they didn’t have a store… or an established fan base. What they did have was passion for their product, a station wagon and a connected community. While hitting the road in support of their budding business, they found their first fans at local horse shows. As word of mouth spread, the demand for Dansko shoes increased outside of the equestrian circle.

    • Mandy & Peter Celebrate Their Dansko Roots! -

      ​Twenty-five years later, Dansko has fans everywhere. Although Dansko’s success exceeded their wildest dreams, Mandy and Peter keep those early days close to their hearts.

    • Mandy & Peter Celebrate Their Dansko Roots! -

      ​To celebrate our roots, our cofounders surprised Dansko fans by co-staffing the counter of Little Foxes Tack & Togs during a local show that helped them launch Dansko twenty-five years ago. Along with shop owner Sue Weiland, Mandy and Peter greeted attendees, assisted customers, and sold shoes to Dansko devotees and new fans, too. It was a wonderful day for everyone who attended!

    • Mandy & Peter Celebrate Their Dansko Roots! -

      ​Even after twenty-five years, Mandy and Peter still have the passion and enthusiasm to roll up their sleeves and tell customers about their love for these amazing shoes and to thank them for helping make the Dansko dream come true.

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