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Love Letters

We love to hear from our fans. Every person has their own unique story about their experience with Dansko and we like to think of those as your FanDansko® experience. We want to hear your FanDansko® story and might even include it here! Read some of the letters we've received below and, if you'd like to share your own, please send it along.

  • I purchased my Dansko shoes for a recent trip to Europe. I planned on wearing a different pair of shoes for all the walking and sightseeing and use my Dansko shoes for the leisure days as these have a good sized heel. Boy, was I surprised! I could wear my Dansko shoes all day long, sightseeing everywhere! I have recommended them to friends planning a similar trip who want to be comfortable but stylish too.

    Marsha P., Shoreview, MN
  • All is can say is that Dansko shoes are a life saver for me. My legs no longer hurt after a long day in retail. After buying my first pair I was hooked. 3 years and 22 pairs later, my husband thinks I am nuts but my feet love me!

    Celeste L., Johns Island, SC
  • I'm a pediatric occupational therapist --which means I play ALL day long with kids. Serving all ages from NICU babies to teens, I walk the hospital floors and run around the therapy clinic after kids. Our job is to help kids with disabilities achieve their occupations which include playing, running, climbing, jumping, drawing, painting, and everything else for a kid to learn and grow, so I need shoes to keep up with me. When I get home, my Dansko shoes continue supporting roles in dog walking, cooking dinner and chasing my own two rug rats. Life just keeps going here, and since my arches are bad, I'm thankful for my Dansko shoes. I am lost without my Dansko shoes. Thanks for being part of my team.

    Joanna B., Vancouver, WA
  • I have suffered from plantar fasciitis for so long and have had injections in my heel, physical therapy and pills for inflammation but it was only temporary relief till I bought a pair of Dansko shoes. I was amazed by the relief these clogs have given me. I share my story with everyone tell how much better they make my foot feel and suggest everyone at work to buy a pair. I work at a hospital and am on my feet for 12 hours a day. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE SHOES!!!!!

    Elaine M., Mesquite, TX
  • Of all the people in my little world, my wonderful husband convinced me to try on a pair of the Professional stapled clogs...that was three years and 5 pairs ago. My feet love each and every one of my Dansko shoes and my artistic nature loves all the wonderful options which in turn makes my closest an incredible palate of choices. Fan for life!

    Abbie, Algona, WA
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