• Staff Picks: Our Favorite Fall Styles

    By Christy on Friday, September 05, 2014

    Staffpicks_post-01.jpg -

    ​Time moves quickly, doesn’t it? Now at the tail end of summer, and preparing for fall, we cannot help but savor the nostalgia that autumn brings. In some parts of the country (like Pennsylvania!), the leaves display a brilliant palette of colors, warm apple cider appears on coffee shop menus, and brisk breezes fill the air. But at Dansko, fall symbolizes another transition: the unveiling of our latest footwear collections.

    For the past few weeks, we’ve been sharing new styles on Facebook and Twitter, like Sabrina from the Santa Fe Collection and Lulu from the Lyon Collection. We’re passionate about the fall line, so we thought we’d share our enthusiasm through the words of our staff.

    Which falls styles do we plan to wear this year? Find out below!
    • Staff Picks: Our Favorite Fall Styles -

      Heather, Customer Service

      “This fall, I will wear my favorite ‘go-to’ shoe: Olivia in Navy Polka Dot. And of course, I will wear this style EVERYWHERE. Olivia is not only the most comfortable pair of Dansko shoes I own, but also the most versatile, pairing with almost every outfit in my closet. I can truly wear Olivia all day long!”
    • Staff Picks: Our Favorite Fall Styles -

      Anna, Purchasing

      “I look forward to spending the fall outdoors. I’m envisioning my Celeste slip-ons by living by my back door where I can quickly put them on to walk the dog, tend to the garden, and attend my son’s cross-country meets on early weekend mornings. They will definitely keep my feet dry and cozy in the wet, chilly grass!”
    • Staff Picks: Our Favorite Fall Styles -

      Kristen, Finance

      “I’m excited to wear Renee this fall. Because I often go straight from work to my son’s outdoor sporting events, I need a stylish shoe that can be worn all day long. Renee fits the bill!”
      To learn more about Olivia, Celeste, Renee and the rest of our brand-new fall styles, visit Dansko.com.
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  • Get to Know Tamara: Our Go-To-Work or Go-Out Shoe

    By Nick on Thursday, September 04, 2014

    Tamara-01.jpg -

    ​Before making essential purchases, consumers often consult professional reviews. Cars receive ratings for crash-test performance, vacuums receive ratings for suction capacity, and refrigerators receive ratings for longevity and reliability. But what about shoes?

    This summer, Restaurant Business Magazine added shoes to the consumer review mix, completing their first-ever “shoe test.” The publication tasked eight staff members with a challenge: to test popular styles for “front-of-house” workers—like hosts, hostesses and servers—and “back-of-house” workers—like chefs, cooks and dishwashers. Based on comfort, durability and slip resistance, the Magazine ranked the top shoes in the industry.

    How did we fare?

    Dansko served as the only brand to score top marks across the board, a humbling honor! In particular, the Magazine praised our Tamara shoe, offering a perfect 15 out of 15 score. Ready for busy professionals, including back-to-school teachers and creative culinary experts, Tamara took home the Magazine’s highest review. 

    Below, we share a few of Tamara’s greatest features—and a few of the reasons Restaurant Business Magazine celebrated our comfortable, supportive shoe. Take a look! 

    • Get to Know Tamara: Our Go-To-Work or Go-Out Shoe  -

      1. Richly-burnished, full-grain leather uppers offer workday style and durability. But when you get home, why not keep them on? Tamara pairs with cords, trousers, jeans, bootcut pants and more, delivering the ultimate got-to-work or go-out shoe.

      2. Speaking of style, we took Tamara’s clean and classic lines and added a heritage-inspired buckle. Subtle accent stitches complement a stitched-to-sole construction, offering a timeless look for every day of the week.
      3. A breathable leather socklining provides comfort for the breakfast rush and the late-night crew. When you’re on the move all day, every day, you’ll want dry feet (and socks!).
      4. Trust us: comfort and breathability should always work in tandem. So we infused the socklining with leather and latex foam, ensuring all-day comfort with a soft and supportive ride.
      5. Despite offering all these features (and more), we kept Tamara lightweight and stable, providing an ideal option for all-day travels.
      Interested in learning more about Tamara? Visit Dansko.com for all the details, or check out our "Find A Retailer" page to find a pair near you!
      [Magazine Photo Credit: Restaurant Business Magazine]


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  • Four Nursing Lessons and One Big Giveaway

    By Diana on Friday, August 29, 2014

    NursesLessons_01.jpg -

    ​With just a few weeks left for getaway vacations and spontaneous road trips, students nationwide have started to focus on an annual fall transition: the busy back-to-school season. Exams, long nights of studying and countless cups of coffee will become familiar once again, striking a balance with club meetings, sporting events and dining hall meals.

    As students filter back into dorm rooms and college apartments, Kaplan Nursing, a leading educational resource for nursing students, has decided to add a little fun to the back-to-school transition. How, you may ask?

    By launching a “Start Off On The Right Foot” giveaway for nurses! Each week from now until November 10, 2014, Kaplan will select two lucky winners to receive an “Essential Back-to-School Kit.” The prize pack includes a handful of nursing must-haves, from a book of medical terms, to a 12-ounce bag of coffee, to (you guessed it!) a free pair of Dansko shoes.

    In the spirit of back-to-school season, and in honor of Kaplan’s giveaway, we connected with two of our nurse blogger friends to share the most valuable lessons their professors ever taught them. Check out their responses below—and be sure to enter Kaplan’s giveaway by visiting Kaplan.com! All entries must be submitted by October 31.

    • Four Nursing Lessons and One Big Giveaway -

      Name: Caroline Porter Thomas
      Location: Miami, Florida
      Nursing Specialty: Telemetry
      Career Goal: I want to write my 4th book this year!
      Favorite Dansko Shoe: Professional clog in simple, plain colors

      The two most influential lessons your professors ever taught you:
      Be cautious and ask lots of questions. I think about this lesson every day; many times we are so busy it can be hard to think clearly. But this lesson reminds me that it’s critical to take a step back and assess each situation individually. In my position, I can never be too careful!
      Don’t forget about kindness. As a nurse, I am so, so busy, and as crazy as it sounds, I occasionally forget to treat my patients like “human beings.” To ensure that I do, I try to meet my patients eye-to-eye when I speak with them. This helps me slow down and treat each patient with kindness!
    • Four Nursing Lessons and One Big Giveaway -

      Name: Joni Watson
      Location: Waco, Texas
      Nursing Specialty: Oncology/Administration
      Career Goal: I want to become a Chief Nursing Officer while running a few creative side businesses that focus on encouraging others
      Favorite Dansko Shoe: Professional clog in Antique Brown Oiled
      Blog: Nursetopia.net

      The two most influential lessons your professors ever taught you: 

      New beginnings always bring anxiety. Give them time. During my first semester of nursing school, a clinical instructor required us to maintain a "critical thinking journal" to track our experiences and analyze them over time. This was the very first lesson I learned in nursing school, and I think about the process every time feelings of fear or intimidation arise.
      Never say never. Near the end of my college career, one of my professors continually encouraged me to try new clinical experiences and "jump right in" to the bone marrow transplant ICU (even though I was 110% sure I was going to work in labor and delivery). Nearly eight months after graduating, I realized that oncology was my true passion, and I began working on a dedicated oncology unit. Now, even when I simply think I'll never do something, I try to embrace the experience!

      As the back-to-school transition draws closer, make sure to enter the Kaplan giveaway. Who knows – you may be wearing a comfortable, supportive pair of Dansko shoes the next time you head to class or clinicals!
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  • Allison and the Country’s Top Food Markets

    By Nick on Wednesday, August 27, 2014

    Farmers Market_post-01.jpg -

    ​As the local food movement continues to gain momentum, we have to admit: we’re completely on board. Freshly-picked and locally-grown foods are flavorful and nutrient-rich…and also work to benefit the economy and the environment.

    In cities nationwide, farmer’s markets and seasonal food stands have started to draw customers away from traditional grocery stores, enabling shoppers to build relationships with the farmers who grow their food. This got us thinking: which national markets would we want to visit?

    Of course, we couldn’t visit any of these markets without a comfortable, stylish pair of shoes to carry us from one vendor to the next. So we handpicked a pair for our future journey (and for yours, too!). 

    With exceptional arch support, a lightweight construction and a soft, cushioned ride, our Allison mule belongs on a nationwide tour—or on a quick trip to your local market. Regardless of your travels, grab a tote bag, step into Allison’s cushioned footbed and hit the road. Your taste buds (and feet) will thank you!

    Check out our five bucket-list worthy markets, from New York to Seattle.  

    Five Can’t-Miss Markets Across the USA

    • Allison and the Country’s Top Food Markets  - [Photo Credit: Lucius Kwok]

      [Photo Credit: Lucius Kwok, license]

      Union Square Greenmarket (New York, NY)

      A program of GrowNYC, a nonprofit organization that uses environmental programs to improve New York City’s quality of life, the Greenmarket began with 12 farmers in a Manhattan parking lot. Today, more than 54 markets operate in the city, selling goods from more than 230 farmers and fishermen. The Union Square location serves as the “Grandaddy of them all,” selling fresh-cut flowers, seasonal vegetables, homemade wine and more through 140 local vendors.

    • Allison and the Country’s Top Food Markets  - [Photo Credit: Infrogmation]
      [Photo Credit: Infrogmation, license]
      Crescent City Farmer’s Market (New Orleans, LA)

      For nearly 20 years, the Crescent City Farmer’s Market has served up some of New Orleans tastiest seafood, from crawfish to catfish to charbroiled oysters. If you visit on a Saturday, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the city’s “Warehouse District,” an art-centric neighborhood that many call “the SoHo of the South.” Grab a shrimp po’boy sandwich, and a bag of homemade Cajun chips, and explore this culture-rich Gulf Coast city.
    • Allison and the Country’s Top Food Markets  - [Photo Credit: RLA at Phillips Garden]

      [Photo Credit: RLA at Phillips Garden, license]

      Minneapolis Farmer's Market (Minneapolis, MN)

      Located just west of downtown Minneapolis, this festive market provides an everyday shopping alternative—and a spot for social gatherings, too! Cooking classes, concerts and other special events fill the weekend calendar, while a “Fresh and Local” podcast keeps customers informed while on the run. From fine food to fun entertainment, Minneapolis’ flagship market keeps shoppers coming back all week long.

    • Allison and the Country’s Top Food Markets  - [Photo Credit: Jordan Fischer]

      ​[Photo Credit: Jordan Fischer, license]

      Santa Monica Farmer's Market (Santa Monica, CA)

      Widely regarded as one of the most diverse markets in the country, the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market offers a rich cultural experience in a vibrant, open-air setting. From exotic citrus fruits, to Latin music, to children’s pony rides, this California market provides an unforgettable experience for tourists and locals alike. Load up on savory snacks—and then walk a block to Santa Monica beach.

    • Allison and the Country’s Top Food Markets  - [Photo Credit: Mtaylor444]
      [Photo Credit: Mtaylor444, license]​
      Pike Place Market (Seattle, WA)
      Overlooking the scenic Elliot Bay, and located on the edge of a steep Seattle hill, Pike Place pairs natural beauty with local food. Comic book shops, antique dealers and art merchants add variety to the market’s fresh produce and fish, helping attract more than 10 million visitors annually. Despite all of its fame, Pike Place holds true to its core value: to help shoppers “meet the producer.”
      Whether you explore the country in search of the very best markets, or turn your shopping routine into a local adventure, travel in all-day comfort with our contemporary Allison mule. And remember—when you shop local, you support the environment, the economy and the farmer who raised your food!
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  • Recognizing our Footwear Family with Five Anniversaries

    By Diana on Monday, August 25, 2014

    Dansko_anniversaries_post.jpg -

    ​At Dansko, we believe the best kind of business success happens in a positive, rewarding workplace environment. Because our employees develop a sense of belonging in this community, they tend to stick around. The result: many anniversaries to celebrate!

    Why do we recognize anniversaries, you may wonder?

    For starters, we never need an excuse to have fun. That’s a given. But we celebrate our co-workers because we understand that Dansko is bigger than ourselves. The decisions we make don’t just affect our individual role, or our particular department; they affect the company as a whole.

    So, how do we celebrate?

    We always begin by sharing a meaningful gift that tells a piece of our story. For five-year anniversaries, we give employees a ceramic bowl handcrafted by a local artisan; for ten years, we give an elegant-yet-classic watch; and for 15 years, we give a platter made of 100% recyclable materials. Sometimes touching or humorous poems accompany these gifts, while other times co-workers present thoughtful tributes. Regardless of the method, we make sure our employees feel valued and appreciated for serving Dansko.

    Recently, we recognized the anniversary of five Dansko employees. Each received a thoughtful (and in some cases, hilarious) tribute as they accepted their gift. We caught up with three of these employees to learn more about their passion for Dansko.

    Jamey M., Finance
    15 years of service
    “A lot has changed at Dansko since my journey began, yet there is a consistency about our culture that remains, which is why I am extremely proud to belong to an organization that cares about people and their community. At Dansko, we treat one another like family, working under with the mentality that we’re in this to succeed together.”
    Jess B., Accounts Receivable
    15 years of service
    “Watching Dansko’s growth from 19 employees to more than 170 has been such an incredible experience. Though Dansko symbolizes my ‘work life,’ its values and beliefs have molded a path for my personal life, too. I never want to leave this wonderful, healthy, happy environment, built by the finest family of professionals!”
    Nate B., Customer Service
    10 years of service
    “At Dansko, I have learned to think outside the box. I use this philosophy on a daily basis to ensure that our customers receive the best customer service experience possible.”
    Click here to learn more about our mission, values, and role as a 100% employee-owned company.
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