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  • Have Questions?
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Dansko products and Dansko the company.
  • Kickstart Your Art Collection with these Five Artsy Tips
    By Nick
    We’re a creative group here at Dansko, and we hold tightly to a passion for local art. This enthusiasm got us thinking: How can we go about building an art collection at home? Check out these five tips for the budding art connoisseur.
  • A Woman of Many Titles: Q&A with Image Consultant Michele Gustafson
    By Meghan
  • Help and Assistance
  • Mother's Day 2014: Why Do We Celebrate Mom?
    By Nick
    On Mother’s Day, we celebrate mothers, grandmothers, mentors, mothers-to-be and every other hard-working mom. Why? Read on!
  • Celebrating Employee Ownership with a Little Competition (And a LOT of Laughter!)
    By Nick
    In honor of our second year as a 100% Employee Owned Company, we held our annual ESOP celebration. Learn more about our mission and values—and our method for celebrating.
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  • Trend Alert: Your Complete Guide to Normcore
    By Meghan
    As fashion trends from the past continue to influence the present, millenials have launched an all-new (yet all-old) fashion movement: “Normcore,” or “the new normal.” How does Dansko fit into the trend? Find out here.
  • A Month of Celebrations: Dansko Recognizes Teachers and Nurses
    By Diana
    To recognize Teacher Appreciation Day and Nurses Week, we hosted a pair of Dansko appreciation contests. The campaigns asked one simple question: "Why do you celebrate?" Hear from our winners by reading on!
  • The Switch to Standard Time: Ideas For Our "Extra Hour"
    By Diana
    On Sunday, we will roll our clocks back, marking the end of Daylight Saving Time with an extra hour of “sleep.” But this week, we had a thought: what if we decided to make productive use of our extra hour? From playing the banjo to drinking pumpkin spiced lattes, our co-workers came up with a handful of insightful ideas. Take a look!
  • Dogs & Clogs: Recommendations from the Experts
    By Nick
    At Dansko, we love our shoes—and we also love our dogs. Early this fall, we decided to interview five of our co-workers’ four-legged friends to ask one simple question: “Which pair of clogs would you recommend for your owner?” See what they said (and, well, barked).
  • Retailer Spotlight: Vintage and Modern Shoe Care Tips from Simons Shoes
    By Meghan
    Simons Shoes has served shoppers in the Greater Boston Area and beyond for 122 years. Fresh from the archives, Simons shares past and present tips for maintaining your shoes.
  • A Passion for Fashion: Q&A With Marcus Allen
    By Diana
    New York City stylist and consultant Marcus Allen works with some of the city’s brightest fashion minds. We caught up with Marcus to ask a few questions about his keen sense of style—and to learn more about his enthusiasm for Dansko clogs.
  • Dansko and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation Team Up to "Save the Bay"
    By Nick
    This summer, a team of Dansko volunteers partnered with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) to “Save the Bay” through oyster restoration. Check out CBF’s five practical tips for "saving the bay" in your community.
  • Eat Your Way Through A Healthy Day, Part IV: Dinner
    By Nick
    We’re back! Ready to wrap up your day (or week, for that matter) of healthy eating? Us too. Becca Boyd returns with a delicious entrée option: Mini Prosciutto Wrapped Turkey Meatloaves.
  • A Timeless Aesthetic: Q&A With Style Blogger Isaiah Walls
    By Nick
    Meet lifestyle blogger Isaiah Walls. Driven to cultivate a “tasteful, unchanging, classic” aesthetic, Isaiah and co-author Amara Nowsu publish a stunning blog entitled “Timeless Aesthetic.” We caught up with Isaiah to learn more about his passion for fashion.
  • Four Nursing Lessons and One Big Giveaway
    By Diana
    As students filter back into dorm rooms and college apartments, Kaplan Nursing, a leading educational resource for nursing students, has decided to add a little fun to the back-to-school transition.
  • ! The Quest
    from the Men's Healthcare Apparel collection
    The Quest style and the Healthcare Apparel collection you are looking for is not a current style in the Dansko line, but you may still be able to find this item at a retailer. If you liked Quest, we think you will love styles from .

    Black Doubleface
    (not currently available)

    Ceil Doubleface
    (not currently available)

    Military Doubleface
    (not currently available)

    Navy Doubleface
    (not currently available)
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