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  • Why Dansko?
    • What’s the difference between Dansko clogs and other clog brands?
      Dansko has been a leader in comfort footwear since we first introduced “Danish” clogs to America over 20 years ago! You can recognize a Dansko clog by its iconic shape, clean construction and the use of the highest quality materials from the cushioned insole to the durable outsole. In January 2008, Dansko introduced state-of-the-art footwear innovations to our classic rocker bottom to enhance the comfort, stability and performance of our clogs. Visually other clogs may try to appear similar, but only genuine Dansko clogs provide:
      • Improved lateral stability & more secure heel strike (reduced risk of ankle rolling)
      • Better shock absorption  (comparable to athletic footwear)
      • Softer and more pronounced heel cavity 
      • Improved aesthetics. Visually, other clogs may appear similar but to ensure an even better wearing experience, the new Dansko is wider across the heel and has a more stable heel kicker.
      Dansko is continually working to enhance the technical features and the styling of our footwear to provide customers with the best experience possible. Dansko’s quality standards have become more exacting over the years.
      Only footwear that has the “Dansko” name on it is made by Dansko.  If it doesn’t say “Dansko,” it’s not.
  • Shoe Features
    • Can I use my custom orthotics?
      Footbeds in closed-back Hingham, Halifax, Marseille, Sedona, Santa Fe, XP Clog and Walden Collection shoes feature removable footbeds that may accommodate custom orthotics. Due to the custom nature of orthotics, we recommend trying the shoes on with the orthotics to ensure a good fit. Retired collections with removable footbeds include Sanibel, Carmel, Calais, Arcadia, Charlestown, Chatham, Cambridge, Notting Hill, Golden Gate, Next Gen, Brandywine, Stockbridge, Presidio and Telluride.
    • Are Dansko shoes slip resistant?
      Dansko XP, Sedona, Santa Fe, Sonoma, and Walden collections meet both ASTM and SATRA standards for slip-resistance. For specific details visit the Product Certification page. Retired collections that meet slip-resistant requirements include the Sienna, Next Gen, Sanibel and Arcadia collections.
  • Product Questions
    • Where are Dansko clogs made?
      Dansko clogs are made in Europe and Asia. Look on the inside of the shoe to see the country where it was manufactured. To ensure that Dansko provides a superior product, we select and work closely with only the very best manufacturers. We select our sourcing partners based on their proximity and access to raw materials, as well as for their expertise in handling these materials.
    • What is the APMA Seal of Acceptance?
      We are proud to carry the American Podiatric Medical Associations (APMA) Seal of Acceptance. The APMA awards the Seal after rigorously evaluating a product to determine if it promotes quality foot health. Dansko's Stapled Clog, XP Clog, Sausalito, Sonoma, Boulder, Lyon, Naples, Sedona, Santa Fe, Pasadena, Marseille, Ventura and Walden Collections all have received the APMA Seal of Acceptance. Retired collections with the APMA Seal of Acceptance include Monaco, Vista, Sanibel, Carmel, Geneva, Calais, Avalon, Bristol, Arcadia, Sofia, Presidio, Beacon Hill, Left Bank, Next Gen, Louvre, Belmont, Capri and Golden Gate.
    • Can my clogs be resoled?
      We do not recommend resoling Dansko clogs. Instead, for continued superior performance, we recommend that you replace your Dansko clogs.
    • What is the heel height of each collection?
      Heel heights vary by collection. Maybe you are looking for a lower heel height or you want to try something new with a higher heel height or maybe you want to stay at the same heel height. Click here to see the heel heights of the current collections.
    • Is there a lifetime warranty for footwear?
      The lifetime warranty rumor has been around for several years. While we do not have a lifetime warranty, we do guarantee our footwear from manufacturers' defects within a reasonable amount of time and wear. Normal or abnormal wear and tear is not considered a manufacturers defect. If you believe there is a defect with the materials or workmanship, please contact the retailer about returning or replacing your shoes.
    • I have a problem with the Dansko product that I purchased on a third-party auction site. Who do I contact?
      We recommend that you contact the seller. Please note: Dansko cannot assist with requests on purchases made through unauthorized dealers or third-party auction sites. Authorized Dansko dealers can be found on the Find A Retailer page.
    • I have a problem with the Dansko shoes that I purchased from an Authorized Dansko Retailer. Who do I contact?
      We guarantee our product from manufacturer's defects within a reasonable amount of time and wear. If you believe there is a defect with the materials or workmanship, please contact the dealer where you purchased your footwear for assistance. Please note: Dansko cannot assist with requests on purchases made through unauthorized dealers or third-party auction sites.
    • Who should I contact if my shoes don't fit right?
      If you are concerned about the fit of your shoes, please follow up with the Retailer or E-tailer where you purchased your shoes. All of our Retailers and E-tailers are experts on fitting Dansko products and they will be able to guide you.
    • Should I be concerned if my shoe discolors my sock or foot?
      We take great care in selecting our leathers and tanning methods to ensure supple strength and brilliant color. Occasionally, leather uppers or linings may react with your body chemistry, transferring color onto your feet or hosiery. This is not a defect. You may also find naturally occurring marks or blemishes in the leather, revealing its inner character or originality.
    • Does Dansko make steel toe footwear?
      At this time Dansko does not make steel toe footwear.
  • Sizing
    • How do I figure out my Dansko shoe size?
      Dansko shoes are sized according to European (EU) whole size standards. For additional information about the unique fit characteristics of individual Dansko styles, read the Size and Fit information shown on each style page. Find your size.
    • Do you make footwear for people with narrow and wide feet?
      Yes, Dansko offers both narrow and wide shoes in our flagship Professional clog for both women and men. The XP collection also offers wide widths for women. In addition, we also offer a host of adjustability options in all our collections, such as laces, buckles, backstraps, and elastic goring that can accommodate many special fit concerns.
  • Material Care
    • How should I care for my Dansko shoes?
      Dansko styles are made from several different types of leathers and fabrics. To find out more about leather and fabric care, check out our Material Care section.
  • Where to Buy
    • How do I know I can trust an online retailer?
      Dansko has received reports that other retailers claiming to sell Dansko shoes (often at “too good to be true prices”) do nothing more than take your money and never send the shoes you thought you purchased.  When shopping for Dansko shoes online, we recommend that you only purchase shoes from a Dansko Authorized Retailer – a handy list of these Authorized Retailers is on the Find A Retailer page.

      BEWARE!  Two specific sites that are fraudulent are:
      Fraudulent retailers
    • Where can I purchase Dansko products?
      Dansko shoes can be purchased through any of our authorized dealers. Authorized Dansko retailers can be found on the Find A Retailer page.
    • Can I buy footwear directly from Dansko?
      Dansko is a wholesale distributor. We sell our products through retail shoe stores and online retailers. Authorized Dansko retailers can be found on the Find A Retailer page.
    • Why should I purchase my Dansko products through an authorized Dansko dealer?
      Dansko works closely with its dealers to ensure customer satisfaction. An authorized Dansko dealer will be able to provide assistance should you encounter a problem with your purchase. Authorized Dansko dealers can be found on the Find A Retailer page.
    • How can I order a particular style that my Dansko Retailer doesn't carry?
      Most of our Retailers and E-tailers participate in our special order program. If you have a specific request, please notify your Retailer or E-tailer and ask to place a special order.
    • Will Dansko sell a single shoe?
      Dansko donates shoes to a non-profit organization called the National Odd Shoe Exchange. Since 1943 The National Odd Shoe Exchange (NOSE) has provided single shoes to amputees and split pairs to people with significant size differences due to illness or disease. You may contact NOSE by phone via 1-480-892-3484.
  • Careers
    • Interested in becoming a Dansko employee?
      Visit our Careers page to see any open positions at either our headquarters or distribution center, just minutes from each other in West Grove, PA.

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