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We love to hear from our fans.  Every person has their own unique story about their experience with Dansko and we like to think of those as your FanDansko® experience. We want to hear your FanDansko story and might even include it here! Read some of the letters we've received below
and, if you’d like to share your own, please send it along.

  • I am a teacher and Dansko are the only shoe I enjoy wearing at school. I have had two pairs for three years and wear them almost daily. When I don't wear them, I can tell a big difference in my joints and comfort! I am an athletic person and it really makes a difference in my daily life to wear Dansko. Thanks for making such a wonderful product!

    Antona B., South Portland, ME
  • Absolutely LOVE Dansko shoes! Selection is ever-increasing and styles are great! The support is THE reason I buy them and my feet have not bothered me since I first started wearing them! Thank you for such a great, comfortable, and stylish product!

    Angelique M., Mechanicsville, VA
  • I absolutely love Dansko shoes! People know they are a part of my style and I always recommend them as amazingly comfortable shoes. I am a special education teacher who does a significant amount of direct care during the day, part time Irish dance teacher, and mom to two kiddos under the age of 2 and Dansko shoes get me through each day! :)

    Megan C., Cincinnati, OH
  • I am a teacher in my 20s. I have found that Dansko shoes are the ONLY, may I repeat - ONLY, shoes that I am able to wear to work every single day. I have found the patent leather shoes to be my favorites... anything wipes off of them!

    Hillary L., New Market, VA
  • In my recent past I would never have worn a clog. High end designer shoes were the only ones for me. I just began a retail position and Dansko shoes were recommended. At first I was not interested in even trying. One day I decided to try DANSKO shoes and fell in love with the comfort. I am working in a high end dept store I now approach customers wearing DANSKO shoes and say "I see you are in the CLUB and have great taste in shoes!"

    Patti M., South Jordan, UT
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