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We love to hear from our fans. Each of you has a unique story about your experience with Dansko and we want to hear it! Read some of the letters we've received below.

  • In my recent past I would never have worn a clog. High end designer shoes were the only ones for me. I just began a retail position and Dansko shoes were recommended. At first I was not interested in even trying. One day I decided to try DANSKO shoes and fell in love with the comfort. I am working in a high end dept store I now approach customers wearing DANSKO shoes and say "I see you are in the CLUB and have great taste in shoes!"

    Patti M., South Jordan, UT
  • I'm a HUGE fan of Dansko! I'm an executive pastry chef and I own many pairs of Dansko Professional clogs (my favorite being leopard print.) I've worn Dansko Professionals every single day of my career, thanks to a mentor’s guidance ten years ago. I basically live in my Professionals. I'm often seen wearing them after work, running errands, and almost always to the farmers market. I'll admit, I've tried on others, but they just can't compare to my Professionals. Thank you for creating a quality, great looking clog! Best, Valerie Executive Pastry Chef 

    Valerie R., San Francisco, CA
  • I was introduced to Dansko shoes in 2010 and love them. I had a previous pair of shoes for work that had never hurt my feet. Well I started a new job on a floor with no carpeting. Needless to say, my feet hurt so bad I could hardly concentrate on my work. I went to a shoe store in the mall down the street. I purchased my first pair of Dansko shoes and we have been in love ever since. Thanks for making such a quality product in really cool colors!

    Ruthie M., Menomonee Falls , WI
  • Dansko protects my feet so that I can protect my patients during the day. I'm a new RN.

    Shannon J., Seattle, WA
  • I am on my feet all day long. My friend has been a fan of these shoes for years and advised me to try a pair. I just bought my first pair today and I LOVE THEM.... Thank you!

    Shelly S., Emmaus, PA
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